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​Longview, Texas  

 Est. 1921

Sean Hanson is the current East Texas Chapter President and the PGA head professional at Pinecrest Country Club in Longview. Pinecrest is the oldest golf course in East Texas built in 1921 and designed by Press Maxwell. Hanson, who was elected to PGA membership in 1995, also spent 18 years at Bent Tree Country Club. He says it was absolutely the best place to be "raised" in the golf business! Outside of golf, Sean and his wife Michelle have two boys, Michael (17) and Matthew (14), and a Jack Russell Terrier, Maverick, who is 9 years old.

Below are a few more things that you may not have known about Sean.

What do you love about the golf business? The people!  I have been blessed to have been at Bent Tree for so long and forged many lifelong friendships and now to be at Pinecrest for over 10 years now and have and am still forging many lifelong friendships here as well.  Of course as Professionals, we ALL love the game of golf and our ability to grow the game for the future with Junior Golf Programs.

Who got you started in the game? My dad would take me with him when I was a kid so I got exposed to it early.  I didn't really play much golf until I was in high school and that was just casual playing.  Once I moved from Illinois to Dallas, I was first in the restaurant business so I would work nights.  Every morning I would get up and play at Sherrill Park at 7:00 a.m. with a group of older golfers that kind of took me in.  I started getting pretty good at it and loved playing, so one day I just happened to drive by Bent Tree and decided to hop in and look for a part time job in the mornings so I could still work my other job at night.  I guess you can say the rest is history.  Kind of a long answer but if I had to say one person...David Price!

Did you play college golf? I did not.

What is your most memorable moment in golf? There are so many to choose from, here are a few of them.  I was able to take my dad and my brother to the Masters in 2003 and then took my wife to the Masters in 2014.  Both memorable trips for all of us.  I have also been very fortunate to be able to go on many golf trips with my members from both clubs where I have worked. Going to Pebble Beach 21 years now for a tournament has to pretty much top the list. The last two years I have taken a members trip to Scotland and this year we are going to Ireland.  I have yet to make a hole in one but I can imagine that will be pretty memorable.  I plan to do that on one of my trips with my members however it just hasn't happened yet.

Where is your favorite golf destination that you have played? Hands down...Pebble Beach!

Who makes your dream foursome? Myself playing with Tiger Woods, Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon.

Have you played golf with anyone famous? Yes - Julius Irving, Bill Russell, John Starks, Mark Aguirre, Mike Modano, Brett Hull , Jamie Langenbrunner, Shawn Chambers, Andy Moog, Darcy Wakaluk, Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Rich Lerner, Bruce Lietzke, Lanny Wadkins, John Rollins, Scott Verplank.  I am sure I am missing a few but I am getting older.

What is a course that you wish you could play but have yet to have an opportunity to do so? As most will probably answer...... Augusta National!

What is something interesting about yourself that other members may not know about you? That I played basketball for 30 years and was pretty decent at it.  Can still shoot with the best of them!  Pretty dull huh? 

What are some of your hobbies? I really don't have any hobbies outside of work.  If anything, yard work.  Because I like it done "my way"!

What is your favorite type of music? The only types I don't care for are hard rock, punk rock and new school rap.

What is the best golf book that you would recommend? Seven Days in Utopia.

What is your go-to karaoke song? She Talks to Angels by the Black Crows.

Ian has been a part of the PCC family since 2008. He was raised in Hawkins, Tx. where he attended school from K-12 and graduated in 1999. Ian was poised to leave school early to attend UNT for the Academy of Math and Science when he was bitten by the golf bug. 

Ian cut his teeth as a Golf Pro working for three great professionals at Holly Lake near Hawkins and at Treyburn CC in Durham, NC. He spent 2 years playing in a mini-tour golf finding out "how good he wasn't"!

Ian loves sports (Manchester United and the Texas Rangers are favorites), music, art and travel. His dream golf foursome would be with his Dad, Albert Einstein, Martin Luther Kin, Jr. and Pablo Picasso.

Einstein could help him understand the physics.

Dr. King could help us all be better people.

Picasso could help us see things different

And his Dad is his ultimate golf buddy.

Ian says "I'd just walk along doing what I love to do the most... helping all of them play better golf!".

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